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Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) can be used to collect and share any data type. This gives your business invaluable data to make better decisions and automate processes. Potential use cases include:

Connected cars

Cars capable of communicating with each other is a crucial part of a future smart city, making traffic more seamless and safer for passengers.

Services - Connected Cars
Services - Wireless inventory tracker store

Wireless inventory trackers

With the global supply chain becoming increasingly complex every day, inventory trackers are already becoming irreplaceable elements in logistics.

Smart farming

To keep up with the demand of an ever-growing population, farming has started relying on data-driven solutions, proven to increase the quantity and quality of produce.

Services - Smart farming
Services - Space technology

Space technology

Space companies are increasingly looking for “wireless-in-space” solutions, that offer excellent applications for IoT in space exploration. We know how to make IoT work in the most unforgiving environments.

Autonomy service

Autonomous platforms, like robots and self-driving vehicles, expand the horizon of what businesses can achieve. Potential use cases include:

Autonomous vehicles

Fully automated vehicles offer a safer, more effective and convenient alternative. We believe in autonomy and know how to upgrade your product with autonomous features.

Services - Autonomous vehicles
Services - Self-driving Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles

Self-driving cars, robots and public transport will drive us instead of us driving them will become the new norm. Ultimately, they would become a unique aspect of solving traffic issues and tragic human errors.


Automated solutions for factories have transformed businesses for decades and will contribute outstanding economic growth and increase in productivity.

Services - Automation

Maintenance robots

Automation and AI are helping people to complete menial tasks more efficiently and offer a safer solution for working in hazardous or dangerous environments.

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