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Solving problems with hardware, software and ingenuity

How can we help you?

Embedded Systems Design

We design and develop systems based on your unique needs and offer practical support. Over the years, embedded systems created by Krakul have had a global influence, with projects in the Baltics, the USA, Sweden, Mexico, Vietnam, Spain, and many other countries. With our know-how, we offer a reliable technical partnership.

Turnkey Product & Electronics Design

You have a great idea? Or are you developing your product already, but face certain technical challenges? Either way, our experienced engineering team at Krakul has you covered. We make sure that your new product complies with all the requirements of the field and design hardware, software and firmware accordingly.

Product Feasibility Evaluation

Do you have an idea for a product that would change the world? Before investing a lot of time and money into it, we can help you understand the likelihood of success. Our experts at Krakul will assess the feasibility of your concept, development cost, and delivery schedule which results in detailed analysis on how to make your product a reality.

Software & Firmware Development

We make sure that your software and firmware lives up to your vision. From hardware to the cloud, we offer decidedly full stack development solutions. Our team assists with turnkey integration between electronics, firmware and software to make sure your product reaches its full potential. We can help you with any issues that arise, whether your devices are designed by us or by someone else.

Full Life Cycle Support

From idea to implementation, from maintenance to repairs – we can become your long-term partners * throughout the product's life cycle. We support you with:

  • advice and practical support
  • developing your existing solution
  • device management
  • supply-chain management
  • offering fresh solutions when the markets change.

Who can benefit the most?

Everyone faces different challenges. Our experienced team makes sure that you benefit most from our partnership, especially when you are:

  • Lacking in-house competence or needing fast development
  • Have unique needs for automation or digitalisation
  • Working on an intricate problem or are driven by a strong vision
  • Struggling with off-the-shelf products that don’t suit your needs
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Key areas of competence

Unmanned systems

Krakul has extensive experience developing different unmanned systems, either for aerial or ground vehicles. From designing military grade UAV-s to smart delivery robots (UGV-s), we’re able to upgrade your product with many different autonomous features. The future of exploration, transportation and conflict is in unmanned systems, where Krakul has been on the front line since 2013.

(Industrial) Internet of Things

The impact of Krakul’s IoT designs are especially prevalent in Estonia, where popular parking gates, grocery terminals and bike parking devices use hardware designed by us. In the wake of the fourth industrial revolution, Krakul remains a trusted partner for developing ground-breaking IoT systems.

Some of our successful projects

Here is a selection of some of our coolest project over the years. You might have even heard about some of them.


Motivated problem solver

Krakul was created to solve difficult and intriguing real-world problems with hardware, software and ingenuity. We are determined to help companies bring their most ground-breaking ideas to reality and find innovative solutions to all possible engineering problems. Krakul mostly works on custom-made solutions. We are constantly proving our skills in various areas from aerospace and industrial electronics design to the Internet of Things. We have seen the future and can help to take you there.

Making your ideas fly, flexibly

Krakul operates without a flashy marketing team. You'll be talking directly to engineers who are on top of their game and can tell you how to make your ideas fly smoothly. This is why lots of clients turn to us for creating complete platforms that need no outside support. We are flexible, long-term partners for your product. Due to our nimble operating model, we can make changes to the software or hardware as soon as they are required.

We work in teams of any size, pay extreme attention to detail and cover your all your engineering needs in the following areas:
  • prototyping
  • large-scale manufacturing
  • embedded systems
  • firmware
  • software
  • server back-end

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Jaan Hendrik Murumets

CEO +372 5552 2620

Lauri Aarop

Project Manager +372 5569 5903

Jaan Viru

Software Lead +372 5344 4390

Kristjan Tozen

Hardware Lead +372 5885 6921