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The Smart Bottle Opener WeCheer

Smart bottle opener developed by Krakul for Wecheer connects brands with consumers, a platform that maps consumer behavior, offers beverage manufacturers a smart bottle opener service, which records the time and place of every opened beer in real time.

Based on the data of the smart device developed in Estonia, the manufacturer can target sales campaigns and make discount offers to customers precisely by knowing their preferences.


Internet of Things

Create clever machines with the ability to transfer data over a network.

Autonomous platforms

Build smart robots that are aware of their surroundings and perform tasks without external influence.

Industry use cases

As a versatile company, we tackle a broad set of business areas.
Aerospace and defence

IoT in aerospace & defence offers better operation and control, energy management, traffic planning, staff and passenger information management, and data analytics. Autonomy enables us to travel further, cover more areas and provide more immediate, actionable knowledge.

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Consumer IoT

IoT gives us new connections with customers via sensors embedded in products, improving the customer experience. Furthermore, autonomy opens up thousands of new use cases for old products and a chance to create a lot of new ones.

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Logistics & Mobility

IoT will change the logistics and mobility industry by transforming how transportation systems gather and make use of data. Plus, autonomy frees up unused human potential by enabling those systems to function without human intervention.

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Marine IoT & Marine technology covers a broad range of topics, including the development of sensor networks for environmental monitoring, the development of autonomous vessels, the use of AI & machine learning for navigation, and the development of port facilities and other infrastructure.

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