Internet of Things Development Partner since 2013.

Krakul has strong competencies in building IoT solutions, autonomous robots and unmanned platforms. We help companies discover and engineer ground-breaking IoT solutions that scale to meet both market and consumer demand.

Our vision

Krakul was founded on a simple idea – electronics design needs a more human-centric approach.

Krakul’s vision is to design manageable and compelling products requiring human factors, product design and engineering expertise. We excel at developing the most technically challenging products for indoor retail, commercial and extreme outdoor environments.

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Krakul works in teams of any size, partnering with companies the size of startups and enterprises and providing support and engineering leadership in the following areas:

  • Embedded Systems Design
  • Turnkey Product & Electronics Design
  • Software & Firmware Development
  • Product Feasibility Evaluation
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Through our work, our aim is to utilise the Internet of Things to flawlessly transform society. We not only making great products but provide even better later-stage support whereas other competitors do not.


Krakul’s team of specialists provide solutions in the following sectors:

  • Urban mobility
  • Smart city
  • Unmanned aerial systems
  • Data acquisition
  • Marine electronics

The story behind Krakul

Krakul was founded in 2013 by engineers from the most successful Estonian satellite project called ESTCube-1.

The company began to develop hardware for smart bike-racks and surveillance UAVs. And eventually, grew into an international IoT and autonomous systems consultancy.

How did we achieve this?

We noticed that many established hardware development companies sometimes struggle to understand the actual needs of the client, especially when it involves startups or smaller companies. 

Companies are required to have already a detailed plan, clear budget and an excellent technical understanding of what is needed for development. And the relationship between the client and developer usually ends up project-based, with the developer disappearing after the completion of the project.

Krakul strives to understand our partner’s needs, wants and business goals. As best as we can, we want to know where you are coming from and what you want to achieve to offer our knowledge and experience.

When you start your product development journey with Krakul, rest assured that we will stand by your side and see your product as our product. If it means flying to the other side of the world in 2 days notice, we will do it.

That’s why companies who cooperate with us remain for years.


Today Krakul has 20 people, with over 100 projects completed in our portfolio. The embedded systems created by Krakul have spanned a global influence, with projects in the Baltics, the USA, Sweden, Mexico, Vietnam, Spain, and many other countries.

Forged in the Baltic Silicon Valley


Krakul hails from Estonia, a small country located in Europe’s North-East corner, known the world over as the Baltic Silicon Valley due to it’s leading digital technology and infrastructure.

The home of companies including ​Skype​, Bolt, Wise and Playtech; Estonia has built its distinct reputation on stable digital platforms through unparalleled engineering.

Estonia is:

  • 1st for OECD Tax Competitiveness (8th year running)
  • 1st for highest performing students in Europe
  • 2nd for Internet Freedom
  • 9th for Digital Economy & Society
  • 13th for Economic Freedom
  • 18th for Ease of Doing Business (Very Easy)

The impact of Krakul’s IoT designs is especially relevant in Estonia and the surrounding regions, where popular parking gates, grocery terminals and bike parking devices use hardware designed by us.


In the wake of the fourth industrial revolution, Krakul remains a trusted partner for developing ground-breaking IoT systems.

Our team

Jaan Hendrik Murumets profile picture
Jaan Hendrik Murumets
linkedin Jaan Hendrik Murumets
Lauri Aarop profile picture
Lauri Aarop
linkedin Lauri Aarop
Jaan Viru profile picture
Jaan Viru
Software Lead
linkedin Jaan Viru
Kristjan Tozen profile picture
Kristjan Tozen
Hardware lead
linkedin Kristjan Tozen
 Kaarel Koppel profile picture
Kaarel Koppel
Electrical engineer
linkedin  Kaarel Koppel
Kaspar Lauri profile picture
Kaspar Lauri
Mechanical engineer
linkedin Kaspar Lauri
Erki Koplimets profile picture
Erki Koplimets
R&D team lead
linkedin Erki Koplimets
Krista Kippar profile picture
Krista Kippar
Software engineer
linkedin Krista Kippar
Indrek Oidekivi profile picture
Indrek Oidekivi
Software engineer
linkedin Indrek Oidekivi
Talis Tiivoja profile picture
Talis Tiivoja
Software engineer
linkedin Talis Tiivoja
Eve Ausmees profile picture
Eve Ausmees
Head of Accounting
linkedin Eve Ausmees
Henri Lumiste  profile picture
Henri Lumiste
Electrical engineer
linkedin Henri Lumiste
Arti Zirk  profile picture
Arti Zirk
Software engineer
linkedin Arti Zirk
Anni Vaino profile picture
Anni Vaino
Head of Marketing
linkedin Anni Vaino
Mikk Leini profile picture
Mikk Leini
Software Engineer
linkedin Mikk Leini
Lars-Henry Vehman profile picture
Lars-Henry Vehman
Software Engineer
linkedin Lars-Henry Vehman
Maria Kiigemgi profile picture
Maria Kiigemgi
Embedded Systems Engineer
linkedin Maria Kiigemgi
Jaagup Averin profile picture
Jaagup Averin
Software Engineer
linkedin Jaagup Averin

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