Kristjan Tozen was Krakul’s third employee and has been with the company for seven years. He graduated from Tallinn University of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in electronics and telecommunications and has been involved in all our client projects as a CTO.


How did you end up working in Krakul?

I was in the same class at university with Jaan Hendrik Murumets. Due to our common interests and his fascinating personality, we got along well and became friends. Jaan suggested that I apply for a job in his friend Markus’s company, and a few weeks later, I was already an apprentice in Krakul.

Where will Krakul be in 5 years?

If only I had a crystal ball …. If you look at where Krakul was five years ago, compare it with where we are now, and take into account our ambition and drive, then in five years, there could be at least twice as many of us and a lot of exciting international projects. Currently, the aim is to focus not only on Estonia but also on foreign markets, which will hopefully truly take off in the coming years.

Thinking about the future of Krakul, what excites you the most? Some new and important projects?

We are especially excited about our current projects and clients. Since product development is such a long process, the clients we have started working with for a couple of years are only now starting to gain momentum.

Have you set any goals regarding your new role at Krakul?

On a personal level – listen more, lead by example, and think together with our people! As for Krakul and its goals, we are trying to set them together with the team. Above all, I want Krakul to be a good and fun place where engineers can fulfill their potential while adding value to customers and society. Mastery comes through the will to self-fulfillment, and it is my job to keep the will to self-fulfillment high.

Who did you want to be when you were little?

As a little boy, I didn’t have a clear goal of who I wanted to become. Ever since I was little, I have liked electronics, engineering, and natural sciences, and I assumed that I would do something related to that in my later life. I really liked computers when I was little, I remember walking in the city with my grandmother and we passed K-Arvutisalong (now I guess Klick?) and I shouted out that I was going to be the manager of a computer store!


Good luck and success, Kristjan!