Meet Kaarel Vandler, Krakul’s electrical engineer
Meet Kaarel Vandler, Krakul’s electrical engineer

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Building electronic solutions involves a lot of electrical engineering – including systems planning, electronic circuits schematising, PCB designing, device maintenance and soldering. All these are skills that Kaarel is an expert in.

By now, Kaarel has worked in the field of electronics for over four years. He also has a bachelors in electronics and telecommunications degree from Tallinn University of Technology.

As follows, here’s a short interview with Kaarel in which he better describes his role at Krakul, as well as what electrical engineering actually involves.


What does Kaarel do at Krakul?


My tasks involve systems planning, schematising electronic circuits, designing PCBs, device maintenance and soldering. 

One of the coolest projects I worked on has been designing flight controllers. In the end, meeting the military-grade compliance requirements for the controllers was a real challenge. Especially, as we had to really familiarise ourselves with this field.


What are some of Kaarel’s daily tasks?


Our mornings start with a quick call where we talk about what we did yesterday, what are we planning to do, and if anything is keeping us from doing our jobs. From there on, I’ll continue where I left off the previous day – talk with people, schematise circuits, design electronics or PCBs. If necessary, I also consult with the software team regarding various issues.


What does Kaarel like the most about his job?


I enjoy working on a lot of different things. Frequently, they aren’t even related to electronics design. But I do think that it is necessary to understand the full system at hand, which is why I find it fascinating.

Meanwhile, I am motivated by continually learning or doing new things. I also love it when our projects are successful, and especially if we learn from building them.


What are some of the biggest challenges in Kaarel’s job?


For me, the biggest challenges are things that I haven’t dealt with before, but that need to be addressed – such as getting to know new areas. Or pinpointing problems and tasks. And also talking with strangers.


What skills does Kaarel’s job require?


Breaking down larger problems into smaller, manageable pieces. The ability for continuous individual learning, persistence and a keen interest in the field to not lose my inner excitement and motivation. Accuracy is also highly beneficial when I’m soldering or working with cables.


Why did Kaarel choose to study electronics?


In high school, electronics was the most challenging subject in my physics class, so I thought that it might be interesting to study something for the sake of challenging myself. I’ve always had a keen interest in electronic devices, and since I was little, I always found myself tinkering with various household devices.


Why would Kaarel recommend studying electronics?


Study electronics if you want to be in the centre of future technological innovation. And be where new things come to life.


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