Effective December 1, 2022, Kristjan Tozen is appointed as CEO of Krakul OÜ. Kristjan Tozen is the current Chief Technology Officer and Member of the Management Board of Krakul. 

The current CEO, Jaan Hendrik Murumets, is stepping down as CEO but will remain a Member of the Management Board.  

Jaan Hendrik Murumets: “My time in Krakul has come to an end. I have been leading the company for six years and I am ready for new challenges. Krakul needs a leader who has new energy and the drive to grow the company to new heights. I am very happy that Kristjan agreed to step in.” 

Kristjan Tozen has been a Member of the Management Board for five years, leading development teams and product development. “As CTO, Kristjan has been involved in almost all Krakul’s customer projects. I am confident that our customers and employees are in good hands,” said Murumets.

At the end of November, Murumets will also resign as a Member of the Management Board of Krakul’s parent company Bercman Technologies. “As a member of Bercman’s board, my goal was to get the development teams of the two companies working together. We have merged Bercman’s development team with Krakul, and I believe this change will benefit both companies,“ added Murumets.