Kristjan Tozen has worked at Krakul for nine years, and since 2023 he has taken on a new role as CEO. Before becoming CEO of Krakul, Kristjan was a Member of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, he managed development teams and product development. In addition, Kristjan has previously worked as an Electronics Engineer at Bikeep, which develops smart bicycle parking lots, and at Snabb (Barking), a company developing parking solutions.

We asked Kristjan to talk about Krakul’s development and the future.

How did you become the CEO of Krakul?

The previous CEO, Jaan Hendrik Murumets, had felt for some time that he would like to hand over the reins. We discussed among ourselves whom we would like to see leading Krakul.

We were thinking about two options – hiring someone with a lot of management experience or finding someone from Krakul. In the end, we realized that if we wanted the same vibe of Krakul to remain, then someone from within should step up. This was the next step for me, and I accepted the challenge.

How has Krakul changed during the time you have worked here?

Looking at the big picture, things have remained the same, which was the goal. Over time, we have emphasized making decisions at the grassroots level and as close as possible to the customer. This way, we can ensure an efficient workflow and a higher value proposition. Probably, this is just one of the many things that have recently improved in our company.

What will be your most significant contribution to the development of Krakul?

Krakul’s most outstanding achievements are born through team effort. My job is to use all the tools available for the company’s CEO to ensure that engineering teams deliver the highest possible value to as many customers as possible, all while keeping team members happy and motivated.

What do you think are the strengths of the Krakul team?

We all love what we do, which is essential to doing something well. Teams work towards a common goal. Our employees come from different backgrounds and perspectives, which helps to think outside the box when creating complex solutions for clients. The team’s passion for technology and product development fuels powerful solutions! And finally, through agile work methods, we are able to adopt to the client’s work culture and always offer the best service.

Where will Krakul be in 10 years?

We will hopefully be on the moon this year – so in ten years, at least twice as far?

Of course, it is difficult to predict so far in advance. The goal is still to make bigger and more powerful projects, to increase the awareness of our team and to create world-changing solutions with our customers. Many sectors and markets are waiting for us to gain a foothold in them.