Aare Aruniit, Ph.D. joined the management team of Krakul, the IoT and autonomous systems design company, as Chief Operating Officer. Aruniit previously worked as a project manager for international projects at Milrem Robotics. Aruniit will manage the company’s daily work and development processes.

Jaan Hendrik Murumets, CEO of Krakul: “Aruniit will be responsible for Krakul’s core business. I have been developing Krakul for eight years, and I see that we need a strong COO in the team, who is always on-site, deals with unexpected situations, and supports the teams so that they can focus on developing innovative products and customer concerns. For customers, this means a leap in quality.”

Murumets will continue as the company’s CEO and focus on the company’s strategic management and expansion into new markets. Since the beginning of this year, Murumets is also a member of the board and Chief Technology Officer of Bercman Technologies, a deep-tech company listed on Nasdaq First North. “As an independent engineering office, Krakul serves many other clients in addition to Bercman, both in Estonia and on foreign markets, so I am glad that Aare is ready to contribute to the daily management of Krakul.”

According to Aruniit, in addition to managing the company’s core business in Krakul, he is also responsible for managing the product development process and some major customer projects. “For example, I lead the development project of smart insoles. According to current plans, British soccer clubs will start using smart electronic insoles at the end of this year,” added Aruniit.

According to Aruniit, Krakul has great growth potential, and he sees he can contribute to the growth. “I see that I have the opportunity to contribute to making the processes more well-thought-out, thereby raising the level of professionalism and thus creating more value for customers.”

Murumets added that Aruniit has broad-based experience from different types of organizations and sectors as an entrepreneur, researcher, and employee. “Aare is constantly engaged in self-development in business and product development. I am glad he saw an exciting challenge to apply his knowledge and skills in joining Krakul.”

Aruniit has a Ph.D. in materials technology and a master’s degree in product development from Tallinn University of Technology. He has led Novec, an engineering company, developed composite armour materials at Tallinn University of Technology, and worked as a development manager in the Balteco group.